Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sunday Bird Day!

Good Morning! Its Sara again! Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend. The weather has been gorgeous for us here in Northern California and today we are going bird watching! So before we head out to our local green belt to search for birds I thought I would make up a quick card for my Grandma. She turned 82 last year and my family and I planned a party for her that was held at our favorite local park in the Bay Area. It was Tanya and I first time making something for someone with our new Cricut skills! My Grandmother loves birds and actually has two aviaries in her home so we went with a bird themed party. We chose red as our main color and it worked really well with the lush green back ground of the park. I believe we may have made over 20 birds before we made our finale decision on the perfect one, so of course we had tons left over. As I was  looking to see what I had here at home I came across  two birds and thought why not make Grandma a card to remind her of the party.

I hope she likes it!
Here is a picture of most of the things we made for Grandmas Party.
We made the Invites which I cant find a picture of : (
Cupcake toppers & Cake toppers.
A guestbook(which is adorable inside, will add pictures later)
Flower arrangements(Tanya did 12 flower arrangements in tin cans I had saved and put red ribbon around)

Here is the card I made with the retro birds from the party.

Have a great rest of your Sunday!
Peace Out Crafters!!

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  1. Wow!! Absolutely adorable!! How blessed your Grandma must feel!! So sweet of you!! I am sure you made her day!!:) Jennifer(